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​Our Services


​Monthly Gathering

Regularly invite professionals from all industries to share FinTech-related topics

​Strategic Forum

A large-scale forum held at the end of each year to discuss and share different FinTech topics

Exchange Platform

A platform for professional exchanges with people from various related industries

​Professional Consultation

Legal advice and other industrial consultation 

Communication Medium

A medium for companies to communicate laws and policies with governments/authorities

​About us

The FinTech Industry Development Association (FIDA) was founded in early 2017. It is an independent non-profit organization located in Taiwan. Professionals from FinTech-related industries voluntarily join the operation. Up to now, our membership includes more than 320 groups and individuals from financial technology-related industries. The first chairman of the board is Yang Rui-fen, CEO of Robo WebTech.

The purpose of our association is to help FinTech industry get the help they need, support and cooperate with each other, and provide a smooth communication interface between FinTech industry and government agencies.



  • 協會社群中之廣告權

  • Fintech小聚優先報名權

  • 活動門票優惠/免費

  • 國內外金融科技企業參訪/交流活動

  • 擔任論壇與談人/相關主題講師

  • 主管機關約訪、法令爭取

  • 參與國際友會交流活動

  • 共享工作空間(需預約)

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