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About Us

Vision & Mission

Fintech Industry Development Associaton (FIDA), founded in early 2017, is an independent non-profit organization located in Taiwan, voluntarily joined and operated by professionals from FinTech-related industries . Up to now, our membership includes nearly 320 groups and individuals, including members from financial technology-related industries. The committee is led by our chairman, Yang Rui-fen, CEO of Robo WebTech.

The purpose of the association is to help FinTech industry get the help they need, support and cooperate with each other, and provide a smooth communication interface between FinTech industry and government agencies.

The members of the association include FinTech companies, existing financial-related industry, legal industry, academic institutions, as well as network, manufacturing and retail industry. Chairman Yang Rui-fen's vision of the association is to "promote financial changes, and let finance return to helping people and solving people's problems." Through the innovative and high-tech characteristics of its members, the FinTech Industry Development Association will be based on the spirit of fair and transparent financial technology. With the contribution of experts in different fields, we aim to help Taiwan's fintech industry to occupy an important position in the Asian region.

​Our Alliance

​ In order to be in line with international trends and enable our members to enjoy local fintech services in other countries, we also actively interacted and signed  memorandums of cooperation with FinTech associations in various countries.
FinTech Association of ​Hong Kong
​Thailand Fintech Association
​Astana International Financial Center
​Singapore FinTech Association
​Sweden's Hub for FinTech
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